Bug tracker

Bug should be reported on osmose-frontend for issues around the website, or on osmose-backend for issues on the reported issues on OSM data, or for suggestion about analyses.

Providing patches

Patches can be provided via merge requests on Github. This is the preferred way of handling patches.


Development of Osmose is made as free software by volunteers.

Adding new functionality of Osmose Editor, initial support of mobile device and improvement of documentation was funded by region of Aquitaine, France; part of the OpenAquiMap project leading by Les Petits D├ębrouillards d'Aquitaine.

The servers analysing data are provided by OpenStreetMap-France and some others by contributors around the world. The servers for north-america and other areas are funded by Mapbox.

Logo of region of Aquitaine Logo of Mapbox

Contacting maintainers

We can be contacted through a direct email to osmose-contact@openstreetmap.fr.

Keep in touch by watching at @osmose_qa on twitter.